What Customers Say about Market Me Socially

“Deborah impressed her whole social media class of 24 students when she introduced her idea for company mascot for Tobacco Road Tours – a bright young intern named Ashleigh (in the form of a Barbie doll). She also demonstrated quick thinking for a collaborative promotion benefiting the American Heart Association & Tobacco Road Tours, when hearing that a customer had had a heart attack. This kind of creative and quick thinking is the currency that social media marketing trades in.” — Anora McGaha, MALD, Author Social Media for Business

“It is such a pleasure to highly recommend Deborah.  She has impeccable insight, development, leadership, and research talents that enable her to apply strategic and tactical methods to solve client/customer opportunities. Her integrity, honesty and work ethic are stellar.   Having been an individual contributor as well as a manager, she understand what it take to reach goals & objectives. Team, discipline, WIN/WIN attitude and so much more ensure Deborah drive her success. Don’t miss the opportunity to hire a tremendous, loyal and creative person for you and your team.” — R. Brad Kennedy, Managing Partner of Tobacco Road Tours

More will be posted soon!